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With schools facing challenges like shrinking budgets and lack of educational equity, PTA is more important than ever. The PTA provides programs on strengthening family-school partnerships and free resources for members on issues and areas such as STEM and health & safety. Be a part of a powerful association than can advocate on behalf of children and educators at the local, state and national levels.


PTA welcomes all voices to advocate on behalf of our children. “Every Child, One Voice.


Show your passion and sense of community while making new lifelong friends that share your commitment to our children.


Online resources and eLearnings including topics such as family engagement, health & safety, special needs, and college and career readiness.


nationally recognized programs like STEM, Reflections Arts, School of Excellence, Family Reading Experience and Diversity and Inclusion.

Connect with the other students, educators, and families of Crestwood Every Year with the annual directory.

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What do the members of a school community group or PTA do?

PTA members don’t have to do anything but are welcome to do many things. As a PTA member you do get many great benefits, and you get the opportunity to participate in fun community events all year, from Holiday parties and decorating to fundraising and helping to keep our education community space safe and beautiful. Membership is just a few dollars per person every year, and you can send it to your school by mail or with your student if you select a school-based PTA or online if you choose a community-based PTA. It’s never too late to join, but the earlier you sign up, the more benefits you earn for your student and the sooner you can start participating in existing events or creating your own new events.

  • What kind of Community Groups are available for students, educators and families of public and private schools in Crestwood Kentucky?

    Most public and private elementary and middle schools have either a PTA (public schools only), a parent-teacher organization (PTO) or an equivalent local organization. These organizations also exist (though less frequently) at high schools and preschools. Every person who joins a local PTA automatically becomes a member of both the state's PTA and National PTA. PTA membership – including the number of affiliated units and of individual members – has been declining for several decades. -

  • What kind of Community Groups are available for students, educators and families outside of public and private schools in Crestwood Kentucky?

    Not all PTAs are focused on a school or district. Some are created to address a specific need, population or area and work on issues that span health, education, and welfare. The Crestwood PTA seeks to meet the needs of students that fall outside of the standard public experience including support for online, homeschool, private school, and special education or needs groups students and their families who would like to benefit from the resources available to PTA members.

The Parent Teacher Association is the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation.

We know that many of you have commitments that get in the way of being involved with the PTA. We would like to share with you some reasons why it is important to be involved.

Be informed, find out what great things are going on.
Show your child(ren) that you support their education and them personally.
Get involved and meet some new people.
Find a community of support and experience.